How Can You Safely Store Your Valuables At Home?

Are you someone who does not believe in storing your valuables such as your jewelry and your money in a bank and you have always stored these items at home but your house was recently broken into and even though none of your valuables were stolen, you want to find a better way to store them? Or did you recently move to a new home in the country because you find the city to be exhausting but the area you live in now does not have a bank and you want to find a way to store your valuables at home?

Whatever the case may be, whether you are someone who simply does not believe in storing your money and jewelry in a bank and similar to the individual in the first example you have been storing it in your home for several years but after your home was recently broke into, you are now looking for a better way to store your valuables or if similar to the individual in the second example, you have just recently moved to a new home away from the city but this new area you have moved to is located several hours away from any banks and you have decided that you are going to store your money at home instead, not all of us enjoy driving to the bank when we need to shop at a store that does not accept credit cards.

But sometimes, we may also prefer to store our valuables at home simply because we feel that shopping with money instead of our cards can not only be a great way to save more because we can directly see how much we will be spending but having our life’s savings in front of us can also motivate us to work harder and build it up. Yet, the world that we live in is not the safest place and you must take measures such as installing inner range access control to protect your valuables. Read below to know more about this.
A floor safe

You could try to install an electric strike lock for your bedroom door to improve the safety of your valuables if that is where you keep them but if a robber was to break into your home and notice this high tech lock, they will then figure out that you are hiding something valuable in there and may try to break in through the window etc. Instead, you can try to have a floor safe made to store your valuables as these are extremely hard to find.

Common places

Another great way to hide your valuables is to not hide them at all and instead, store them in common places such as your garage or living room as robbers would never look in there.